Strong Off-Season Occupancy Rates for Nicaragua

Strong Off-Season Occupancy Rates for Nicaragua

12 Mar, 2012 |
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Off-season small hotel occupancy rates hovered around 60%, reports the Nicaraguan Institute. The areas in high demand include Leon, Granada, Chinandega, and the Atlantic Coast.

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Hotel occupancy grows

Hotel occupancy exceeds, on average 60% to date, as reported yesterday in The New Journal CEO of the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism, Intur, Mario Salinas.

Meanwhile, at the segment of small hotels is 55%. He confirmed that this is an unusual trend because in the winter season low indicator.

“We believe that this is the result of five years of effort we have made both Nicaraguans in tourism … is the result of the promotional campaigns we have been doing in markets like the U.S. and Central America, now it touches is to remain constant” said.

The National Chamber of Tourism, Canatur, corroborated this. According to Canatur, major hotels are showing an occupancy of 63.48%. This means an increase of 3.75% as in the first five months of 2011 the occupancy rate was 59.73%.

“I think this is because the flow of tourists in Nicaragua increased … It is logical that increased visits to hotels,” said Executive Director Canatur, Zenayda Laguna.

For its part, the president of the Association of Owners of Small Hotels, Hopen, Sandra Mejia admitted that the occupation of 55% of small hotels is due to the security in the country.

Connection with Europe will help
“There has been much advocacy of Nicaragua outside of Intur and openness to European and U.S. markets has helped the hotels have more presence of visitors,” said Mejia.

In this regard, said the hotels located in tourist spots are the most demanding show. These include Leon, Granada, Chinandega and the Atlantic Coast.

The business leader said that 30% of tourists staying in small hotels are European, so that the operation of the Italian airline Blue Panorama will help, because now they will have direct connection with Europe. “So we hope more tourists,” remarked the president of Hopen.

Meanwhile, the president of the Nicaraguan Chamber of Tourism of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Cantur, Leonardo Torres, adding that in low season small hotels recorded occupancy of 45%.

“Never in season have reached 60%, so far … In the case of Managua in the first weeks of August is exceeded 45% with the festivities … but in general, is from September to begin the ascent of hotel occupancy, so we see a very positive trend in hotels “said Torres.

Tourism SMEs are duplicated
EFE-The number of micro, small and medium tourism enterprises in Nicaragua increased from 2.526 to 5.867 in the last five years, and generated 37.000 direct jobs and 140,000 indirect, official sources said Sunday.

“Micro and small businesses are the backbone of the tourism development of our country,” said the chief executive of the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism, Intur, Mario Salinas.

The official stressed that these 5.867 micro, small and medium tourism businesses represent 90% of companies registered with the Intur to date are 6,500.

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