Tame Opens Quito-Lima Route

Tame Opens Quito-Lima Route

12 Mar, 2012 |
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Starting November 2012, Ecuadorian airline Tame will open its new Quito-Lima route. The route adds additional tourism expansion and connectivity for Tame which currently offers international routes to Colombia, Panama, and Venezuela.

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EP Tame Airlines in Peru makes the official presentation of the route Quito-Lima

The public company Ecuadorian airline Tame filed Monday in Peru, the new route Quito-Lima, whose operation is scheduled on Monday, November 26.

Denisse Aguilera, sales department Tame EP, said the plane that cover this route is the Airbus A-319 with a capacity of 138 seats and fares will start from $ 310 including taxes.

“There is a high traffic of Ecuadorians and Peruvians who travel for business or family issues and now we also encourage tourism within the international expansion of Tame,” said the official at the agency said that currently Andes and the Ecuadorian company has three international destinations: Colombia (Cali and Bogotá), Panama (Panama) and Venezuela (Caracas).

Lorena reported Maggiolo, who is in charge of the business office of Tame in Peru, will see a daily flight to Quito to Lima will depart at 8:15 and return at 21:45.

They envisaged as of January 2013, this route extends to Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Denisse said Aguilera in Ecuador are already committed some flights to Lima, but is waiting to enter the Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP for its acronym in English), which is a mechanism for achieving sales through travel agents in Peru.

The presentation of this route was made under the tourism business meeting that takes place in Lima.

Tame The public company began in 1962. It currently operates in 15 cities in three Ecuadorian and international destinations (Colombia, Panama and Venezuela).

According to company figures, around 4,500 people are mobilized on different routes within and outside the country.

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