Tourism Decreases in Guatemala by 2.8% in 2011

Tourism Decreases in Guatemala by 2.8% in 2011

12 Mar, 2012 |
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Guatemalan tourism had a bad year in 2011. Tourist spent less and the country saw less revenue from foreign exchange earnings, according to preliminary information from the Guatemalan Institute of Tourism (Inguat).

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Tourist Arrivals Decreased 2.8% in 2011

Inguat data report that in 2011 entered a million visitors.
The provisional amount of foreign income from tourism is U.S. $ 1 billion 348.6 million, according to the balance of payments handled by the Bank of Guatemala, and compared with the previous period means a low of 2.1 percent, said the Institute.

According to Department analysis of Inguat Market Research on the behavior of the year the decline was less than expected, “despite the negative factors that harm the tourism sector.”

One impact of last year were the effects of the global economic crisis and tropical depression 12E, which caused damage to road infrastructure. In addition, on several occasions land borders were closed for demonstrations.

The latter two especially affected roadways on earth, while in the air last November, showed a recovery, with growth of 4.6%.

Peter Duchez, Inguat director, recently reported that propel the country to take advantage of changing circumstances was Maya and, under the updating of the Tourism Policy, the estimated annual growth of 8 percent.

The projection for this year is to reach two million visitors and $ 1 000 500 000 000 currencies. Duchez added that the remainder of his administration will try to regain credibility as a tourist destination, making this segment a state policy and set the Inguat as a Secretariat to be part of the Cabinet of the Government.

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